GuitarFX Custom Shop - Guitareffectpedals built to your specific wishes!

Are you looking for your own unique guitar sound?

In that case it may be wise to order a custom guitar effect pedal. The possibilities in the field of effects are endless, ranging from a Big Muff with Tubescreamer tone control to a completely unique effect. Virtually anything is possible. Do you have an specific sound effect in your mind that needs to be translated to your pedalboard? Please contact us via the contact form.

It works as follows:

  • Your wishes for an guitar effect pedal is send through the contact form

  • Together we will discuss the possibilities to achieve this effect

  • GuitarFX will make a quotation

  • After payment the build of your personal guitar effect is started

    GuitarFX Custom Shop has several years of experience with building guitar effects. Obviously, high quality components will be used. Not only the circuit boards, but also the metal casings will be hand-etched. All the effects are delivered with a true bypass switch, unless indicated otherwise.

    Interested? Click here to express your sonic wishes!